Another favorite of mine an artist from Santa Fe, NM, Erin Currier, does these large format, multi-media images. She uses layers of material, paint and other material “waste” to create her images. Much more dramatic in person. 


History Meme: Ladies Version

Seven Pairs (1/7) - Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera 

There have been two great accidents in my life. One was the trolley, and the other was Diego. Diego was by far the worst.

-Frida Khalo



“Don’t get a tattoo”, they said. “It will look like crap when you’re older”, they said.

This is amazing, whoever did this showed the true side to tattoos, people who do not regret them, people who are proud and did not bail out! This is amazing!

(Source: thievinggenius)


Marina and Ulay

1. Rest Energy (1980)

2. Relation in Space (1976)

3. Imponderabilia (1977)

4. Breathing In Breathing Out (1978)

5. Interruption in Space (1977)

6. Relation in Time (1977)

7. Aaa Aaa (1978)

William Henry Fox Talbot, (1800 - 1877)


I believe that in the indeterminacy of drawing, the contingent way that images arrive in the work, lies some kind of model of how we live our lives. The activity of drawing is a way of trying to understand who we are or how we operate in the world.

-William Kentridge

"Loose Change" by Harry Gamboa formerly of ASCO

Diego Rivera

Dorthea Lange